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If you already have a system signed in and are looking for an update please click here or call 613-354-2056

We perform a wide range of services for your computer including both software and hardware servicing. Refer to the list below for a complete list of services and their current price rates. All services come with a 30 day warranty unless otherwise noted.

Laptop Repairs and Services


Visual Inspection and Consultation

Basic Diagnostic - Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair

Diagnostic With Repair - Identify problems in your system and attempt to repair them




System Services

System Tune Up - Optimize system performance and start-up time - Includes upgrade recommendations

System Dust Removal and Cleaning



Hardware Replacement and Upgrade
( does not include replacement parts, please speak with tech for quote on parts)

Keyboard Replacement
Fan Replacement
Memory Upgrade
Hard Drive Replacement (No operating system install)
Optical Drive Replacement
Screen Replacement
DC Jack Replacement
USB Port Replacement
Audio Jack Replacement
Motherboard Replacement
LCD Inverter Replacement
LCD Cable Replacement




Software Services

Create Recovery Disk for New System - Includes system recovery USB key or DVD–

Operating System Installation (Windows or Mac OS) - Install all drivers and Windows updates - Install AVG / Malwarebytes- Remove unnecessary software - Operating System software not included

Application Installation - Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications)

Application Installation (If Purchased at CanDo IT) 

Virus Removal
- Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc.

Operating System Installation With Data Backup and Restore - Includes a backup of your data before installing a new operating system onto your computer. Data is then restored to your computer










Data Services

Backup Onto CD-ROM (PER CD – 700MB)

Backup Onto DVD (PER DVD- 4.7GB)

Data Backup / Transfer up to 500GB - Backup data to external hard drive

Data Backup / Transfer over 500GB - Backup data to external hard drive

Basic Data Recovery - Recover deleted or corrupted files


$9.99 per
$9.99 per



*All price before tax
*Prices subject to change without notice
*Prices updated 02-2015

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