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VOIP Phone Support
No Phone Service? Watch this video or read below

Step 1: Manually, disconnect power to the black phone box

Step 2: Wait a few seconds, and then reconnect power.
The power LED will start blinking and continue to do so for about 75 seconds in total.

When the power LED stops blinking (after ~ 75 seconds has elapsed), you should be able to make and recieve calls

To log into your phone account

(You will need to select customer and login, to recieve you account username
and password please call 613-354-2056 or email, you may also find the username and password located on the sticker found on your unit )


Phone 1 (Grey):  Connect to an analog phone, using an RJ-11 phone cable
Phone 2 (Grey): Do not plug anthing in
Internet (Blue): Connect to router (RJ-45 Cable)
Power (Black): Connect to a power source, using the provided power adapter
How to plug in phone system
Still no phone service?

If you have another phone service please call us at 613-354-2056 for support or email for further assitance

Want to use your phone anywhere?
Click to download one of these apps

Here are the settings you will need
Account Type: SIP
Account Name: cando
Username:  Your 10 digit cando phone number
Password: located on sticker with voip (or contact Cando I.T)
Caller ID:  Your choice (the name callers will see)

To access your voicemail away from home
Call either of the numbers below, enter your phone number and passcode when prompted

Voicemail    1-343-884-8485
    Or            1-613-689-1656