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Kodi Media Box Updates / Addons / Changes

Current Version : Kodi 16.1 (Android 4.4)  Kodi 17.3 (Android 5 +)
Update download available in under Programs  / DBMC  App on Kodi

See below to determine what version of KODI you have.

When opening Kodi, you will see during the loading screen what version you have, if you are not using version 16.1 then you will require an update.

Outdated Kodi loading screen (15.2)

Updated Kodi loading screen (16.0/16.1)

Updates / Resolved Issues

Be advised updated versions of the apps can be found / downloaded in Kodi by going to Programs / Indigo / Addon Installer .  Once downloaded you can install them at any time

BE ADVISED Exodus and the colossus repo are now down.  Please follow here for updates


July 2017
General Update : Exodus has been phased out , the new version is available called "Covenant"

Exodus will now be replaced with the new version called "Covenant" , for instrustions on how in install this app click here

June 2017
General Update : Exodus having intermittent issues due to server outage - see above

Due to issues with the addon exodus we recommend customers install Specto Fork which is a clone of Genesis / Exodus , this addon also supports the Trakt favorite list as well.

Click here for instructions on how to install Specto Fork